Thursday, 27 December 2012

The therapeutic effect of sea cucumber was recognised since ancient days even when there is no technology and no knowledge of the biological active ingredients.
Famous ancient Chinese Medical Books states that Sea Cucumbers as food supplement are recognized for invigorating all kidney functions, supplement the bone marrow, and increase male potency.
In Chinese medicine, Sea Cucumber is believed to nourish blood, moisturize dryness-syndrome, regulate menstruation, nourishing fetus, help in recovery after delivery, as well as a tonic for the kidney. It is also used in treating ulcer, dysentery, impotence, arthritis pain, weakness and recovery from illness.
Table 1: The nutritional value of sea cucumber on various human body systems Body System Benefits Skin Accelerate wound healing Rejuvenate skin, anti-aging Joint & bone Suppress inflammation & reduce pain Promoting bone & joint health, Preventing osteoporosis Cardiovascular Promote blood circulation, Reduce blood sugar and blood viscosity Regulate blood lipid profile, reduce cholesterol, protecting heart and blood vessels, preventing cardiovascular diseases Nourishing blood, preventing anaemia Genitourinary Invigorate kidney functions, regulate menstruation, act as an aphrodisiac to help impotence, improve frequent urination Immune Increase immunity, antimicrobial, antioxidant, anticancer Nervous Nourishing brain, calm and stabilize emotion, antidepressant Respiratory Nourishing lung, hydrate and moisten mucous layer Endocrine Promoting growth especially during puberty Digestive Promoting the health of digestive system, effectively cure gastric ulcer,prevent constipation Metabolic Promoting metabolism Overall Help in growth and puberty development, improve the function of body system, enhance immune system and regulate metabolism
Graphical view of the effect of sea cucumber: Suppress inflammation ∓ reduce pain, accelerate wound healing Nourish blood, ease blood flow, protecting heart Antioxidant, antimicrobial, anticancer Repair joints, strengthen bones Rejuvenate skin, enhance beauty, anti-aging
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS & THEIR EFFECTS There are about 50 different biological active compounds found in sea cucumber, a list of the important active compounds with their functions are shown in the table below : Active Ingredient Function Collagen Promote wound healing Maintaining health of joint & bone, preventing osteoporosis. Rejuvenate skin & enhance beauty, anti-aging. Mucopoly-saccharides (Glucosamino-glycan) Enhance immune system, has anticancer and anti-tumour effect.
Suppress inflammation & relieve pain, accelerate wound healing. Reduce blood sugar and blood viscosity, preventing blood clot. Regulate blood lipid profile, reducing triglyceride & cholesterol. Anti-aging.
Has antiviral and anti-radioactive effect. Chondroitin sulfate & glucosamine sulfate Suppress inflammation & relieve pain. Maintaining health of joint & bone, rebuild damaged joint, boost cartilage, tendon & ligament health.
Enhance immune system and promote growth and development. Saponin Antioxidant, antimicrobial and anticancer. Enhance immune system. Stimulate the growth of bone marrow, producing blood and prevent anaemia. Act as an aphrodisiac to help impotence, Increase energy metabolism and ease fatigue. Gamapeptide
* Only found in golden sea cucumber, not in other species Suppress inflammation & relieve pain, accelerate wound healing (fasten healing process by 3 fold). Activate growth and activities of cells. Rejuvenate skin and enhance beauty. Calm and stabilize emotion. Promote blood circulation. Enhance immune system.
Omega 3 & 6 Nourishing brain and heart. Regulate blood lipid and blood pressure, promote blood circulation, preventing cardiovascular diseases. Enhance learning ability and memory, preventing dementia. Amino acids There are 18 amino acids, with 9 essential amino acids. Components for growth of new cells, repairing tissues, producing antibodies and enzymes. High content of arginine, component of sperm and collagen. Vitamins & minerals Regulate metabolism and promote overall healthy function of body system.
USING GOLD G Who needs Gold G Bio Sea Cucumber? Busy career people: relieve stress, ease fatigue, restore energy Modern generation: nourishing skin and enhance beauty Growing children & teenagers : balanced nutrition, promoting growth & development during puberty Middle-aged and senior citizens : enhance immune system, invigorate energy, anti-aging Pregnant & confined woman : nourishing fetus, boost recovery Emotionally disturbed individual : release tension, relax mind, calm and stabilize emotion Individuals with injuries, chronic diseases, under recovery from illness: repair and rebuild, accelerate wound healing Weak & impotence individual : invigorate energy, has aphrodisiac effect EVERYBODY – for healthy living & longevity Gold G Bio Sea Cucumber Jelly Oral consumption Two tablespoons (about 20 mL), twice daily. (For patients, please consult doctors or nutritionists for the dosage) Can be taken directly, or with fruit juice, warm or cold water. External application Apply on affected area, twice daily.